Driving across Canada is a fantastic way to explore the country at your own pace. From experience, we found that a long day of driving in rain could give us a spare day further along. Although “all-nighters” are doable, we usually drove four to six hours, to allow for paddling Windigo, hiking, visiting with friends and family and other serendipitous happenings. Online tools will show you accurate distances and driving times. Besides taking the train across Canada, there’s no better way to feel the heartbeat of Canada than to go driving in Canada.

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  • I travel through Canada with a Winchester 1300 that holds 5 rounds and have never had an issue.
  • At Toad River, you’ll discover awesome made-from-scratch cinnamon buns.
  • Unless the probability of a conviction is literally 0%, Canada’s border authorities can essentially treat the charge like a conviction.
  • If you do not have your vaccine certificate, you may be denied boarding or entry.
  • Canada is considered a very safe country, in fact, safer than the USA.

Vaccinations help to prevent serious infections or diseases. Tell a Canadian official when you arrive in Canada if you’re carrying more than CAN $10,000. If you don’t, you may be fined, and your funds could be seized. Have your important documents translated into English or French before you arrive to make it easier for people in Canada to understand them. Before heading to the border, get informed and understand your obligations.

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Currently, more than 3/4 of the total population leucate huitres has been fully vaccinated. Hotels, vacation rentals, and private residences are accepted quarantine locations. Travelers may be required to cover costs of quarantine accommodations. You must use ArriveCAN within 72 hours before your arrival to Canada. You will be issued a vehicle hang tag that you must attach to your rear view mirror for the duration of your trip to or from Alaska.

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We’ve been to Dawson City several times and always had a great time. The first time we were surprised by a music festival sponsored by the city. There’s a tent area requiring tickets to attend, but the city also has a central gazebo near the waterfront, where groups also play for free, with lawn seating. There’s one territorial park about ten miles east of Dawson City, several RV parks in town, and one territorial park just on the other side of the Yukon River accessible by a free ferry. If you decide to take the Top of the World Highway, you’ll use this ferry.

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The next fuel stop and probable stay over is at the end of the Dempster in the town of Inuvik. Let the owner of the pizza shop know you are going to the top of the mountain and he’ll have a great pizza pie waiting on your return. It’s about a 12-mile round trip on a gravel road which is ideal for a truck camper.

How Long Can Us Citizens Stay In Canada Visa Free?

My suggestion to you would be to contact the US Border Services – I assume you are American so they would have the correct information for you. Having your proof of insurance showing coverage is recommended. As long as both vehicles are insured properly you shouldn’t have any problems. If I come across anything else to help you I’ll pass it along.

As the country begins to get used to relaxed changes, Canadian officials announced that some fully-vaccinated travelers may be selected at random to take a COVID-19 but will not need to quarantine awaiting their results. When reviewing a request for permission to go to Canada with a DUI, the Canadian consulate may perform a deep background check on the applicant in an effort to find any other crimes they have ever committed. Many Americans know it can be tough to get into Canada with a DUI, but not everyone realizes other misdemeanor or felony convictions can also be problematic. Similar to visiting Canada with DUI convictions, foreign citizens with other types of criminal offenses in their past may also need to successfully petition the Canadian Government for entry permission. Other violations that are often added to impaired driving charges can further complicate matters.