Floyd Mayweather is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, with an undefeated professional career of 50 wins and 27 knockouts. Robert Horry, a former teammate of Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal, said the NBA icon’s son may not have what it takes to make it in the league. The Baltimore Orioles entered Tuesday as playoff contenders, but their moves ahead of the trade deadline had fans scratching their heads as O’s search to end a playoff drought. Jacob deGrom made his return to the big leagues on Tuesday after a string of injuries kept him out since July 7, 2021, and he was vintage Jacob deGrom. With the addition of USC and UCLA to the Big Ten Wisconsin’s athletic director Barry Alvarez speaks about how the focus is not make the Rose Bowl anymore, but the playoffs instead.

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  • Glass backboards were legalized by the professionals in 1908–09 and by colleges in 1909–10.
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  • A further change was soon made, so the ball merely passed through.
  • Here, the passer bounces the ball crisply about two-thirds of the way from his own chest to the receiver.
  • Chris Woodhall have been in the basketball industry for almost 20 years.

The global popularity of the sport is reflected in the nationalities represented in the NBA. Players from all six inhabited continents currently play in the NBA. There is a second category of fouls called technical fouls, which may be charged for various rules violations including failure to properly record a player in the scorebook, or for unsportsmanlike conduct. These infractions result in one or two free throws, which may be taken by any of the five players on the court at the time.

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The five players on each side fall into five playing positions. Informally, players may https://campingrus.net/wenzeltents.html play three-on-three, two-on-two, and one-on-one. In basketball, the power forward and center positions are known as post players.

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37 women’s high school varsity basketball or state tournaments were held by 1925. And in 1926, the Amateur Athletic Union backed the first national women’s basketball championship, complete with men’s rules. The Edmonton Grads, a touring Canadian women’s team based in Edmonton, Alberta, operated between 1915 and 1940.

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Naismith wrote the basic rules and nailed a peach basket onto an elevated track. Naismith initially set up the peach basket with its bottom intact, which meant that the ball had to be retrieved manually after each “basket” or point scored. This quickly proved tedious, so Naismith removed the bottom of the basket to allow the balls to be poked out with a long dowel after each scored basket. James Naismith was instrumental in establishing college basketball. O. Beamis fielded the first college basketball team just a year after the Springfield YMCA game at the suburban Pittsburgh Geneva College.

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In the Philippines, the Philippine Basketball Association’s first game was played on April 9, 1975, at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. Nine teams from the MICAA participated in the league’s first season that opened on April 9, 1975. The NBL is Australia’s pre-eminent men’s professional basketball league. The league commenced in 1979, playing a winter season (April–September) and did so until the completion of the 20th season in 1998. The 1998–99 season, which commenced only months later, was the first season after the shift to the current summer season format (October–April).

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“You have Packie Turner, the best basketball trainer in the world helping you everyday to reach your maximum potential and ultimately your goals and dreams.” The NCAA’s most notable improvement was in the ‘March Madness’ tournament with branding and cross-promotion for both tournaments, and aligning the tournament structure. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone announced his official retirement from professional fighting following his match with fellow veteran Jim Miller at UFC 276. In his remarks, Cerrone said he will pursue an acting career.