They briefly consider it to be done in an ironic way, but in the end decide it’s not and lambaste the movie for it. Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy Referenced nearly by name in the Captain America sins video, about the Hydra soldiers being utterly incompetent at handling weapons designed specifically for them. He ends up subtracting four sins from Sin City thanks to Carla Gugino strutting around naked for several scenes, then sins the film for trying to distract him from his job. The narrator spends most of the Twilight series videos poking fun at the series’ weirdness and narm-y moments, but makes it clear that it’s okay if you like it.

script de film

Or my recent favourite thing to read on twitter “if it takes you 3 hours to tell a story then it’s not a very good story to begin with! I think Cinema Sins would be just fine if it was clear which side of the serious-satirical spectrum they were on. As it is, while many of us film enthusiasts can identify these “sins” for what they are, poor readings and poor humor, a lot of people without cinematic knowledge take them as spot-on.

  • Hans is suddenly evil, because, well, we need another 15 minutes out of this script, and also we had two decent guys for her to fall in love with, and this way she doesn’t have to make a choice.
  • However I think gamers were absolutely hostile to game journalism far before ME3, but that’s another conversation entirely.
  • I get what they were doing with the Leia story and it was kind of even half touching …
  • “Movie Recipes” is the third series started by CinemaSins, wherein a food item is made to taste exactly like a movie.
  • They’re both annoying enough that I installed a Chrome extension that blocks keywords for channels from my recommendations so I don’t see them anymore.
  • The past 2 chapters alone would probably have 100 sins already.

One of my favorite horror movies and one of my favorite channels on YT. Used to watch the occasional everything wrong videos but quickly got annoyed with the criticisms since most were baseless or missed the point. I had hoped we would leave this and honest trailers behind.

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Or how does he know what people are in the first place? By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you’re becoming an active participant in their creative process. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you. Ask lot of times why something is as it is, even though its doesn’t matter why something is at it is, like why there are certain amount of infinity stones and not more or less of them. CinemaSins returned in EFAP 83 for a double-feature alongside their counterpart CinemaWins, with MauLer, Rags, SmilerAl, Drinker, and HeelVsBabyface taking a look at both of their videos on Joker, to see who had the better take. At this time of day, at this time of year, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen.

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These videos were uploaded every Monday, with the first of these being The Great Gatsby cocktail. These are no longer uploaded regularly. However, this was soon rebooted with means prepared by professional chefs instead. I just wanted him to have a compelling storyline with his stormtrooper background, it would’ve been new for SWs. Instead they did less than the bare minimum with it and the execution was boring at best. For TLJ specifically his trek with Rose was just not interesting to watch, it can have all the themes it wants, it won’t matter if I don’t care about what I’m watching.

That is the answer given in the Everything Wrong With Cinemasins video. In the video of Pitch Perfect, the scene where Anna Kendrick is remixing music, a rant follows how dare someone try to be creative by using someone else’s work. There are CinemaSins logos superimposed on the screen.


Most recently, in 2021 the channel Commercial Sins was created, which points out sins in TV commercials. Then in 2015, they made channel number 4, Music Video Sins, which is just Cinema Sins with music videos. This channel was originally narrated by Jeremy as well until late February 2020, when writer Barrett Share took on the role. CinemaWins actually tries to engage with movies and explore their themes in an intelligent way. CinemaWins’ video on Revenge of the Sith, for example, substantially improved my opinion of that film.

The Skyfall video also calls out the product placement. Docks a sin from Toy Story because Jeremy was impressed that the animators shifted shadows on the floor during a jump cut to show the passage of time. “This guy looks like the Devil and his name is based on the word ‘sinister’. This dude was destined to turn evil.”