, a website where you can research and book hostels and budget hotels by country and city, is a great resource. But if you find yourself looking for a hostel after getting off the plane, do not worry. Finding a hostel once you arrive at your destination can be done, but it could be costly and time consuming.

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  • The university collaborates closely with the Centre for Genomic Regulation, a renowned genomics research center.
  • While ENIC-NARIC centres can provide an important information resource, their role is primarily advisory.
  • I took European Legal Traditions, History of European Diplomacy, and Islam and Europe, along with the B2 level German course.
  • Erasmus is an EU-funded exchange programme based on individual agreements between universities within EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey.
  • Students with accompanying children can apply for extra support via Erasmus+.
  • SWATs evaluate alternative ways of doing a trial process (e.g. recruiting patients, helping them to stay in the study, or reporting the findings) to provide evidence about how to improve the process.

The country’s ministry of education has granted full hachette internship accreditation to each and every Europe university. You can always be aware of job prospects emerging in various parts of the world if you have an international network. Visa requirements vary by country depending on the duration of the internship and work hours per week.

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In 2014 Germany, France and the Netherlands all made in the best 10 universities all around the world. Germany is the home of inventing new technologies therefore students who are studying in the EU they able to acquire new skills that lead to a high level of competency ability. Europe is comprised of 50 different nations and they all differ in various traditions. Therefore, students have a vast opportunity for learning a new culture.

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Thankfully Berlin’s public transport is generally very well-connected and reliable. The FU-BEST staff are all incredibly helpful, supportive and speedy with assisting any questions. They coordinate all of the bureaucratic tedious aspects of finding housing, registering to get a residence permit and other things, which is really nice to have taken care of. While it might seem fun to travel with all of your friends, but it is usually not be conducive to a weekend trip. Trying to satisfy five people who want to see five different things will not do anything but start fights. Try to ensure that they are people who want to see and experience similar things to avoid tension or conflict to the extent possible.


In the Scandinavian countries, it is easier for current students to find internships than people not affiliated with a university, however internships there can often lead to permanent jobs. Therefore those who are seriously considering expatriating may still want to pursue one – keep in mind though, that for some countries, especially Norway, it would probably require having a contact in the country to get a placement. GMAT or Graduate Management Admissions Test is a standardized test that is used by education institutions across the globe to evaluate the potential of students before admitting them to MBA programs.

Together they help maintain a common format for higher education and enhance student mobility throughout much of Europe. Our guide covers postgraduate courses, universities, visas, funding and applications. We’ve written guides to some of the most popular destinations for international students in Europe, from France and Germany to Sweden and Switzerland.

As per the MHCTR and GBR-113, the arrangements to protect participants’ privacy should be provided in the application to the ethics committee, and the ICF should inform potential participants of any potential risk to their confidentiality. As per the MHCTR and GBR-113, the ICF should contain a statement advising the participant of available compensation and medical treatment in the event of any trial-related injury in a clinical trial. The MHCTR states that the participant and/or the participant’s legal representative or guardian, and the investigator must sign and date the ICF.